Our mission is to provide great cycling experiences for everyone – and our social rides are no different. Whether you’re a beginner, a social pootler, a cafe-stop cruiser or a full-gas racer, we try and have something for you.

All our social rides work on a “No Drop” principle, so nobody gets left behind – but it’s important to try and find the right ride for you, so take a look at the details below and get your self down to a ride. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our social rides or view our
FAQs to see if we already have the answer!

Regular Sunday social rides

ICC Short

A ride aimed at less experienced riders and those looking to get back into it – but suitable for everyone who is wanting to take part in a less intense, more social ride

ICC 30-40 Mile Ride

Longer than the short ride but shorter and slower than all of the Inters rides that we offer, these 30-40 Mile Rides will be aimed at filling that gap.

They will be no-drop social rides, the speeds will average 13-14mph & there will always be a café stop. We will mix it up, sometimes flat routes, sometimes not but we’ll always look after each other.

ICC Inters Lite

The Inters lite ride usually follows the same route as the regular inters but at a steadier pace and is aimed at people who want to increase the miles but at a steadier pace

ICC Inters

This is our regular intermediate length ride (around 50 miles).

The speed is generally a steady pace but if numbers allow we will always try and split into a steady group and a quicker group.

This ride is a social, no-drop, cafe stop ride and it’s often the same route as this ride but is a bit more aggressive (but still runs on the no-drop principle)

ICC Faster Inters

A BYOB* ride for those who want an Intermediate distance (around 50 miles) with no cafe stop, ridden at a slightly quicker pace than the regular Inters (see below for the predicted average speed).

We often do the same route as the Inters but just miss out the cafe. We’re always happy to see new faces if you fancy giving a quicker pace a try 👍

*Bring Yer Own Banana!

Regular Weekday social rides

Cycle for Health (EBC)

Three different beginner friendly flat routes perfect for admiring the local blooms and wildlife, starting and ending at the Straw’s Bridge Local Nature Reserve in West Hallam, Ilkeston.

Everybody can join in for some gentle exercise every Monday from approximately 6.45pm to 8.30pm.

Each ride is led by volunteers, and is supported by Erewash Borough Council’s Sport and Health Development Team and Ilkeston Cycling Club.

Open to non-club members free off charge

ICC Monday Night Off-Road

We ride to the pace of the slowest and nobody gets left behind. Good lights are essential and a bike suitable for off road use (gravel, MTB or hybrid).

ICC Tuesday “Steady”

Contrary to the name, the Tuesday “steady” is a fairly quick pace ride suited to those who want an evening leg stretcher

ICC Wednesday Night Off-Road

We ride to the pace of the slowest and nobody gets left behind. Good lights are essential and a bike suitable for off road use (gravel, MTB or hybrid).

ICC Thursday Night “Twenty’s Plenty”

The 20 plenty… just what you need on a Thursday night, close enough to the weekend to get your groove on and de-stress yourself, enough to get the legs spinning if you want to or just tootle along and have a good old chinwag.

Whatever you want from a ride, the 20 plenty can provide, so come on along and join the ride that everyone talks about in hushed tones and quiet corners

Our rides in detail

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Non-routine rides

Alongside our regular scheduled rides, we often host spurious events and rides which are all posted on the club’s “Team App” or on Strava

All subscribing members have access to Team App however if you’re new and haven’t downloaded it yet, click HERE for help.
You can join the club on Strava HERE

A note on Speed:

The figures shown in the table above are the expected average speed across the complete route. While all our social rides operate a no-drop policy it’s in nobody’s interest for you to join a ride that goes at a higher speed than you are comfortable maintaining. If in doubt, please get in touch and we’ll be able to help you choose the right ride for you.

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